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Art and Artists

Artist Of The Month - Louise Caroline

Louise Caroline lives in Provence, the place where she was born. Her family were in textiles and printing and so it seemed that Louise would also follow in the same footsteps especially when she met with other great textile designers during her time in New York, London and Paris. 

Louise Caroline began to develop her own artistic style whilst at the Goldsmith’s college, London. From Drama to photography, including an introduction to silk-screen printing, she built the confidence in her own creative approach to images and how she communicated them. Since then Louise has immersed herself in different cultures of the world inorder to keep stimulated, and to feed her creative appetite.

Music, be it rock, blues, jazz or symphonies, all contributed as sources of inspiration, fused with vivid memories of literature from childhood days and the deep impressions left by her journeys of discovery in four continents. Her work is a reflection of all that moves and empowers her.

Using a variety of textiles has provided Louise Caroline with an exceptional opportunity to form a language of her own on canvas. Given her source material, the process of Louise Caroline’s artwork is a lengthy technical one (from the rescuing of the fabrics, the drying, washing, crease removing, stretching, trimming, steaming, ironing, to their final framing). While her eye and hand sublimate the fine weaving of the fabric what matters most to Louise Caroline are the 'epiphanies' which manifest during this experience. These mystical moments of psychic intensity and bursts of emotion become the foundations of her work as it reveals the artist’s psyche and soul--what Roberto Matta, the painter of Psychological Morphology, aptly calls an 'inscape'.

Louise Caroline likes to define herself as a visual artist, but in the yarn she spins there is much more than meets the eye…

We chose to show 4 of our favourite pieces...

Thursday, 1 September 2016    Section: Art and Artists
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