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Health and Beauty

Anette Shine - Pain in the neck?

By Anette Shine - Yoga and Fitness Expert

Stiff neck anyone???

Namaste dear Sunshine friends, hope you're all doing well and feeling healthy at this time when we have a change of season? So many of my students are complaining how stiff they feel in their bodies, especially their necks. This could be caused if you have been sleeping in the wrong position all night, working on the computer or driving long periods in the car.

Here are some simple stretches you can do in your own time to help.

Posture 1:

Grab your left ear with your right hand and gently tilt your head sideways down towards your right shoulder. Simultaneously stretch your left arm down to the left creating a stretch. Inhale without pulling, exhale pull down on both sides.

Posture 2:

Inhale look straight up, exhale look straight down, 5 times. Then 3 slow head circles to the right and 3 times to the left.

Posture 3:

Fold your fingers behind your neck and drop the chin down to the sternum as you close your elbows. Let the weight of your arms create extra stretching of the neck. Just breathe without moving.

Posture 4:

Starting from position number 3 adding on a lateral movement of your head, going deeper into the trapeze muscles.

I wish you all agile bodies & necks, stay warm and remember to take frequent warm bubble baths! Happy November from

Anette Shine XXX

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Tuesday, 1 November 2016    Section: Health and Beauty    Author: Anette Shine
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