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Food and Recipes

Food around the Globe: Wafer Thin

Foods associated with a certain part of the world is always an intriguing subject and this proved to be equally true the Czech. Wafers known as Oplatky are extremely popular in Czech and millions are bought in Prague. The Spa Wafers, as they are known, dates back to over a hundred years ago and sold everywhere.

It is fair to say that the Oplatky (Wafers) do not have the recognition that they so well and truly deserve, considering the Czechs have been making wafers since before the 1800s. A wafer sprinkled with sugar was traditionally given to guests, who were visiting the spa.

These Czech spa wafers are thin and extremely light and originally when made they were served fresh, but since then they have evolved and have been layered on top of one another with spices and flavors added.

In spa towns such as Karlovy Vary you will find them being sold on the street where you will see locals and visitors happily eating one of these delights. And for those wishing to share with friends or give as gifts, you can buy boxes of these wafers from many of the the tourist shops. In many restaurants in the Czech Republic these wafers are often served with ice-cream.

The Spa Wafer Legend

The story goes that it was a talented cook working at the Premonstratensian monastery in Teplá who created the spa wafer, when some guests unexpectedly came to visit. He needed a dessert and decided to improvise by making something special using his wafer tongs that were used to make communion bread. He dough recipe of water and flour was enriched by adding sugar and milk followed by a sprinkling of nuts, sugar, cinnamon and other delicate spices between the baked wafers. Then he baked the wafers together. The dessert was so popular that before long the recipe was shared and enjoyed with everyone outside of the confines of monastery gates.

The secret Recipe

Kolonáda original spa wafers are still the most popular of all thanks to their quality. The secret of success lies in the use of an original recipe and strict adherence to a production technique that requires the necessary care and time. Baking moulds are made of bronze, round wafers mature at a precisely-set temperature and air humidity for up to four weeks and the nut mixture is sprinkled on by hand before baking to this day.


Each wafer has a beautiful design pressed into the center of them and when you eat them, they are so thin and sweet, they almost melt in your mouth!

Sunday, 18 February 2018    Section: Food and Recipes
Article tags: Wafers Prague
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