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Anna Fill Interviews

The Reiki Experience - Beverley Holt

Reiki is a network of energy flowing through the mind and body to cure, heal and repair. This is my interpretation of what Reiki means.

I was delighted to speak with Beverley Holt, Reiki Master and find out more about how she entered the holistic world as a professional.

As I see it, with the ever increasing challenges that we encounter, more and more people seek alternative ways to better their lives and well-being and search ways to cure ailments that do not rely on having to constantly turn to the pill bottle. Beverley Holt introduced the concept of Reiki to me and so I asked her to tell me more about Reiki and what it means.

"Reiki is Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy", Beverley tells me. "It is the most Ancient Hands on Healing Modality on the planet today. The first civilisation the Mu were born with the symbols of Reiki in their DNA. Therefore, I believe it is our birth-right to heal. Reiki promotes healing mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is a very safe healing. Your higher self will only allow you to heal as slowly or quickly as you are able to cope with. This energy is in everything. The air we breathe, the flowers, the trees, the ocean, absolutely everything." Beverley goes on to talk about experiencing  the energy, "To experience this energy simply clap your hands, rub them together to cause friction then slowly part your hands and just feel what you're feeling. You may be experiencing heat, cold or tingling. As you move your hands back and fore you may feel lightness or heaviness in the air."

Beverley talks about Barbara Ann Brennan, a former NASA SCIENTIST who has done a great deal of research on the human energy field and is the author of a book called Hands Of Light. The book is a guide to healing through the human energy field. Barbara Ann Brennan is also a Reiki Master, Beverley believes that when she dies it is only the physical body that dies and the spirit, essence, life force or energy whatever we choose to call it, goes back to the universe. "It is this collective energy of  the universe that connects with the receivers higher self to promote self-healing on all areas."

I wanted to know what attracted Beverley to practice Reiki? She told me that many years ago she was stalked by her ex-partner. This caused her to become very stressed, she was unable to sleep, which resulted in weight loss. Beverley developed a huge stye on her right eye that prevented her from being able to open her eye properly. At that particular time, she was working in a medical centre doing aromatherapy and sports massage. The doctors referred Beverley to a surgeon who was pro natural therapies, however he gave her the wrong pre-and post op advice which led to her left eye becoming infected. What followed was life changing for Beverley:

"A friend eventually encouraged me to go for a Reiki healing. I was very sceptical as I came from a nursing background and thought energy healing was too airy fairy. During the healing, I felt very uncomfortable. I thought the practitioner was going to fall asleep and damage my eye further. I flew from Australia to Wales and friends came to visit a week later and asked me where I had the operation? Because I was so stressed, I didn't even notice that this stye had healed. I then had a few treatments with a Reiki Master in Wales and felt amazingly calm. I began to sleep normally again and I felt great. I then decided to do a Reiki course in Australia and it is now part of my everyday life. I use Reiki when I travel to stay safe - on buses, planes, cars. I Reiki my food and plants. It is also great for babies - who can’t tell you what’s wrong with them."

I went on to ask Beverley the question of whether Reiki was recognised by the medical profession? I was genuinely surprised at the reply:

"Yes" she told me, "At many medical centres, especially in Australia, you will find Reiki Masters, Energy Healers, Acupuncturists or Homeopaths. Many Medical Doctors are also Reiki Masters. More and more doctors around the world are acknowledging Reiki. Dr OZ, who is featured on an American TV show that promotes alternative therapies, said back in 2010, that his preferred healing modality is Reiki."

Although I listened to how Beverley was introduced to Reiki, I asked her to answer the question of whether she felt she was drawn to Reiki because of her adversity or whether Reiki chose her? With complete ease she simply replied, "Reiki chose me".

Reiki is a healing therapy and attracts people from all backgrounds, young, old, rich and poor. This could be out of curiosity, trauma brought on by stress, emotional or mentally challenging times and because other treatments have not worked, Reiki was yet another option worth trying. Beverley also sees people who want to remain healthy and use Reiki as a positive medium. Each individual is in control of when they feel the need for a Reiki session. There are no rules, no dos and don'ts. It is a question of 'need'.

Reiki is fascinating and I was intrigued to know what Beverley herself felt during the healing session - what she experiences when delivering Reiki? She told me that she also receives a healing, as the energy passes through her. Any of the five senses can be stimulated for both her and the recipient. This could be feelings of heat, cold or a tingling sensation. Beverley explains that at times a smell may develop or you may see colours or images. There may be a sound that is heard. On occasions the sense of sleep takes over and so you feel nothing.

"It is not me doing the healing, it is the Universe." Beverley then adds, "Massage will treat a symptom - Reiki treats the cause."

I was curious to ask Beverley if she has ever experienced strange reactions during the healing?

"I don’t see anything as strange - it is just what it is."

I am told that with Reiki your body can be likened to a radio. "When the station is not quite tuned in, it crackles, you hear lots of static, so you turn the knob until the station is in place. In the same way Reiki healing fine tunes the energy vibrations, so that harmony and balance is restored."

Beverley believes that having Reiki as part of everyday life would be 'awesome'. And it would be beneficial for nurses, doctors, teachers and  healthcare professionals to be qualified in Reiki.

"What a beautiful place the World would be!"

Beverley explains that anyone can take a Reiki Course - to re-connect with The Reiki Energy. During the course you will receive an attunement - where the Reiki Master - draws Sacred Symbols in the aura of the student. Reiki is the only energy healing where the knowledge is passed from Master to student in this method to raise your vibrational energy. Beverley gives private healing sessions and  teaches Reiki Level 1 to Masters on a regular basis. Find out more about Riviera Reki.

I concluded by asking Beverley what her ultimate dream was?

In her own words:

"To implement Reiki in Schools - which will eventually lead to World Peace!

Can you imagine what that would be like ? No more Anger Management classes! People will talk to one another in a loving manner, instead of bottling things inside. No more conflicts!"

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Friday, 20 July 2012    Section: Anna Fill Interviews    Author: Anna Fill
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