Golden Girls - Olympic Winners

Charlotte Cooper:

The second Olympics in 1900 was held in Paris, and it brought the first woman to participate in the games.

From the United Kingdom Charlotte Cooper won a Gold Medal for her performance in the Singles Tennis match.



Olga Korbut:

In 1972 the young Russian Olga Korbut won four Gold Medals, changing the way we look at Gymnastics today.

2012 marks the 40th Anniversary of the 1972 performance. Olga Korbut is the Mother of Gymnastics.



Valentina Vezzali:

Born in 1974, the Italian Valentina Vezzali won five Olympic Gold Medals for fencing.

Valentina is the first fencer in Olympic history to win 3 Individual Foil gold medals at 3 consecutive Olympics: Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008.




Tessa Sanderson:

Tessa has competed in six Olympic Games and her Gold Medal was awarded for the Javelin event in 1984.

Tessa Sanderson continues to inspire young athletes and she is also the founder of Tessa Sanderson Foundation & Academy .



Rebecca Adlington:

In 2008 Rebecca Adlington won two Gold Medals for her winning the freestyle swimming race.

The Olympic Champion will be competing in the London Oympic Games 2012 and intends to seize the moment.



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