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One day with... Stefania Faraldi Orengo

Recently Sanremo News featured The Riviera Woman. Today we turn the spotlight back on to Stefania Faraldi Orengo, spending one day with this busy journalist, wife and mother.

Born in 1978, Stefania was always destined to write. She was raised by her mother, a teacher, in Sanremo and as a child visited many countries which opened her eyes to the world of culture and literature.

Stefania studied Political Sciences at Genoa University and graduated in 2005. Her studies included the English and Arabic languages and spent one year in Tunisia to further her Arabic studies.

As part of Stefania's final dissertation she visited Brazil and worked in a Leprosy Hospital as a missionary volunteer. With the collection of photographs she took, Stefania produced a calendar and with the money that was raised, the missionary in Brazil were able to buy two houses for the needy in that area.

Stefania in Brazil

After graduation, finding a job was challenging but in 2007 Stefania started a 2 year contract with MSC Cruises. This period shaped her writing career. She was responsible for producing the ships programmes and publicity material. This role gave opportunity for Stefania to become the 1st interactive TV Hostess.

Writing is not only a passion for Stefania but a therapy. In 2010 she published her first novel, a romantic story set in Boston and Santiago. The book, in Italian, titled 'Le Sette Porte' can be found on Amazon.

It was indeed this book that led to her being introduced to husband Alessio. He asked Stefania to sign of copy of her book, and after reading it the couple dated. Ten months later, in May 2012, Stefania and Alessio married. Children was not something they planned but one year later Stefania gave birth to a little girl, Vittoria and thirteen months later Francesco arrived.

Stefania was no longer working and it was at this time, that she began to write her blog "Diario di una disoccupata per bene": , in which she speaks of the strange daily goings on as an unemployed female and mother of two young children. Her blog caught the attention of the national TV stations and as a result a new door opened. She formed a collaboration with the online publication Sanremo News, as their local journalist and reporter.

Stefania's life is full on and she is grateful for the ongoing support and backing from her optician husband.

“I approach everything calmly and know that being organised is key to a successful day as I don't always know where I am going to be until the last minute.”

The Riviera Woman enjoyed sharing her experiences and seeing her handle a typical and very busy day.

7.00 am My alarm is my baby boy and he never fails to wake me up every morning at 7 am prompt. The first job of the day is to take care of my children; Vittoria who is 2 years old and 1 year old Francesco. I dress them and get them ready for pre-school. And whilst my husband prepares their breakfast and sits with them, I can then quickly get ready myself.

8.00 am Alessio takes the children to the school because they don't get as upset as when I take them. This is also the time I use to take care of some of the usual domestic duties at home and to do any last minute preparations for work.

8.30 am I leave for my first assignment of the day. It is quite normal to receive details of where I need to be very early in the morning or late the night before, so it is important for me to be very flexible and focused. It is necessary that my mobile phone is always with me.

9.00 am Today I have to be in Imperia. I am attending a political meeting with Mr Andrea Olivero. Deputy Minister for Agricultural, Food and Forestry in attendance. The conference is being held as part of regional elections. This is a live report, so speed is the essence. I have just 30 minutes to write my article, with photographs and video which I then send to my editor who will publish it online.

10.30 am I remain in Imperia and head for Villa Grock. At this conference I am doing a report on the local girls water volleyball team 'Mediterranea' and their forthcoming competition. It is important that I spend quality time collecting the necessary information so I can write my article and make it interesting to the readers.

11.30 am I can make a start to head back home but only after I do my shopping and any chores that I need to do.

1.30 pm This is when I arrive home on most days. My husband has a more structured work day and because he usually arrives home before me, he prepares the lunch which we have together.

2.00 pm The creche is only a couple of minutes from where I live so I always collect my children and take this time to bond with them. Even though they are young I want them to have contact with as many people as possible. If I am meeting someone with a view to doing a possible article, I often bring my children with me but if I need to be somewhere that requires me exclusively, my mother helps by looking after them. Again I am so fortunate to have a good support network.

5.00 pm As well as being a journalist, I work with a company that reviews new books and help with the publicity at book launches. I am meeting with a book shop owner that is helping to promote an author. I meet with the author and obtain a copy of the book which I must read and review.

6.30 pm I arrive home for the evening. My priority at this time is to bath the children and prepare them for bedtime. This time it falls on me to cook dinner. Although I love food, cooking is not something I am passionate about.

7.30 pm Alessio arrives home and as a family we do all sit and have dinner together.

8.30 pm It is my husband's role to put the children to bed and have stories read to them. This time is valuable for me to work on articles, study and research where I need to. I also need to check emails and arrange appointments either for the next day or forthcoming days.

9.30 pm My husband and I like to watch a little TV together but if the football is on, this is my opportunity to continue writing and catch up on the many work activities I have. Even as late as 10.30 pm I can receive telephone calls about assignments and places I need to be.

11.30 - 12.00 I aim to be in bed by this time and it doesn't take me long before I am fast asleep... unless my baby calls me. Then it all starts again...

As well as being a mum, wife and journalist, I am also doing a 3 year course in Graphology, which is the study of handwriting. It is a fascinating subject which I hope to use in a legal capacity for the courts and in diplomatic situations.

Writing is my life. I can't think of anything else I would rather be doing. For me the literary world has no boundaries. I take my role as a journalist seriously and understand how powerful my position can be but believe that being ethical is paramount. I have a busy and somewhat crazy lifestyle but believe also in having a good balance between my professional and personal life.

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Stefania with husband Alessio

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Monday, 1 June 2015    Section: People and Places
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