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People and Places

A Little Haven in A Mad Mad World

The Forum Jorge François is a very special venue indeed. It is primarily a little theatre situated just around the corner from the Negresco, on Rue Cronstadt.

For those in the know, this little gem in Nice may restore faith in, what can only be considered, a world gone mad.

Forum Jorge François sits under the Saint-Pierre church and is run by Martin Pourbaix, director of the association Forum Jorge François. During the day the venue is open as a restaurant and attracts so people from all walks of life; retirees, construction workers, those living on their own and those who are homeless. Together they can share tables within the recently restored dining room with beautiful exposed stone walls. The proceeds from the venue pay the salaries of ten people in rehabilitation, who are able to learn new skills and new trades and focus on rebuilding their lives.

Additionally volunteers come along and offer to help serve at meal times. Whether this is a case of giving back or paying forward, it is reassuring to know that there are still great positive actions taking place when the going gets tough.

Those who find themselves in situations of poverty can receive their meal paid for by the association, so it is vital to raise the profile of this worthy establishment. The space is also an ideal place to encounter people from different social backgrounds and to break down barriers and prejudices. And also inn a world of busy, busy, no-one needs to feel alone, this is the perfect way to build new friendships and abolish those feelings of lonliness.

Further possibilities are available at the Forum Jorge François, artists can use the space to exhibit their works - the perfect place where a meeting of minds is welcomed.

The Riviera Woman is delighted to announce that we will be holding our next Talk About Town event at the Forum Jorge François. Full details on:

Forum Jorge François
9 Rue Cronstadt, Nice
Tel: +33 (0)4 93 04 34  60

Tuesday, 1 March 2016    Section: People and Places
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