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Health and Beauty

Anette Shine - Yoga, Shawanda TV

Anette Shine is collaborating with Shawanda TV


to create dynamic interactive videos to demonstrate the different styles of yoga and
how to achieve your yoga goals.

Shawanda TV is an online production
that promotes wellness, fitness & yoga.


Founded by
Terri-Lynn McFadyen Tarquin


Anette Shine demonstrates on SHAWANDA TV HORMONE YOGA THERAPY. Yoga au Féminin, or Yoga for Women, is a fixed series of yoga exercises that will reactivate your hormone production, which starts to slowly diminish around the age of 35. It aims to help women who suffer from the consequences of a drop in hormone levels during menopause.

An excellent option for stressed women who need to slow down. The class will help you feel renewed and full of vitality. Hormone Yoga Therapy was created by Dinah Rodrigues (Dinah with Anette below left)

Victoria Silvstedt (right with Anette Shine) participates in the Hormone Yoga Therapy video who  states: "I adore Hormone yoga and I am convincd that it contributes to my body staying young forever"

Anette helps a student achieve the King Pigeon Pose

Visit Shawanda TV website and enjoy the many videos everywhere you go:


Shawanda TV

Anette Shine XXX

Telephone No. +377 97 77 78 01

Wednesday, 1 February 2017    Section: Health and Beauty
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