Doggy Outings

...Making dog training fun, fun, fun...


  • Everybody walks as a group and learns how to develop their dog’s heelwork skills, as well as train their dog to be obedient around distractions.
  • Clients are able to train in a new location with different stimuli to work with. Clients also have an enjoyable walk around a lovely village, another new location in our calendar of events!
  • The group can continue to shape their dog’s socialisation skills (We have an additional dog in the group this week so all the dogs are able to meet ‘Tess’ again and ‘Tess’ gets to meet a new addition to the group ‘Bella’. Everyone is able to further practice with socialisation training).


  • During the class I cover the ‘leave’ command with my clients so they can learn how to train their dogs to ‘leave’ various stimuli.
  • As a reward for everyone’s hard work we all have a coffee and clients are able to practice training their dogs to lie under the table.
  • We visit a new park with a whole new range of distractions to practice with e.g. joggers, cyclists, lots of other dogs, picnickers and much more!! This enables owners to practice training their dogs around different and more complex stimuli. Each week clients are able to work with different environments, developing their handling skills and building an ever stronger training relationship with their dogs. Each week I help clients to continue to shape their dog’s responsiveness and abilities as we work from quieter to more complex environments, building on progress as we go.


  • At the park clients with their dogs learn to do an obstacle course, including hoops and the tunnel! Clients and their dogs also get to play games and win prizes!!
  • Tess and her owner start training with the tunnel for the first time and Tess masters the tunnel!! Tess can now do the tunnel.. Yeh!! The whole group claps and cheers!! Me most of all!! I love to see my clients and their dogs succeed and have fun!!!
  • Everybody does some training with off the lead work and all the dogs get to play!!
  • This is a new park for everyone to get to know and visit again!

Victoria James BSc (Hons),
Animal Behaviourist & Trainer

Victoria James, BSc (Hons) (Licence),
Dresseuse et Conseillère en Comportement d’animaux

Tel: +33 (0)4 93 36 79 09
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Thursday, 22 March 2012 13:00    Section: Victoria's Pet Corner    Author: Victoria Morris
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