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Foreign Currency Exchange – what’s it all about?

New article on February 18, 2009: Interview with Lisa O'Brien

When I mention Foreign Currency Exchange (FX) to people, I can almost guarantee one of 3 reactions:

(a)  a blank look – people have never heard of it;

(b)  a grimace as if it was something difficult or dodgy; or (my favourite!)

(c)  great enthusiasm, accompanied by a tale of how much someone saved by using FX services.

The most common misconception though, is that FX is something difficult.  It isn’t!  It really is simple and straightforward, and is about removing the risk when selling one currency to buy another, as well as about delivering your money to the right place at the right time.  There are over 100 FX companies operating in the marketplace.  Make sure you use a reputable firm such as First Rate FX - the Currency Specialists.

The company is established in the heart of London’s financial district, and as one of the major FX companies in UAE, also has an office in Dubai.  Lisa O’Brien, the CEO of First Rate FX, is also very proud of the continuing growth of the company’s business dealings in France, a level which looks set to continue throughout 2009.  “We know France, we love France, and we have worked hard to reach as many businesses and individuals as possible”, says Lisa.  “We aim to keep up this momentum, to ensure everyone knows exactly how we can save them money.”

Areas where First Rate FX, the Currency Specialists, differ from the traditional High St bank (and many of our FX competitors) are:

(a) we specialise in our services – we don’t sell insurance, mortgages, loans, shares, ISAs etc.  We don’t offer customers free gifts or inducements: we prefer to let our first class service speak for us.

(b) we have much lower overheads than the banks – no High St offices to maintain for example, and fewer staff thanks to our cutting edge technology, so no need to charge you admin or commission fees.

(c) First Rate FX buys and sells currencies in huge amounts every day, and so can negotiate a much more interesting exchange rate, and which is not available to private or business clients.  That saving is then passed on to their clients.

Everyone really is a winner!  The banks aren’t swamped by lots of (to them) costly small trades; the private and business clients get a much better rate of exchange, and First Rate FX staff and affiliates earn a percentage from it too.

How does it work?  Very simply.  You set up your trading account (this is can be done very quickly indeed, and is required to comply with UK’s money laundering regulations).  You discuss with your personal currency trader which currency you want, by when (you can order up to 2 years in advance), and where you need it sending.  Your currency dealer will tell you the rate of exchange in your base currency.  You pay the required amount into your First Rate FX client protected account, where it is then used to buy your chosen currency delivered to the account you nominate.   At the same time, you will be sent a confirmatory e-mail that the transaction and transfer has been achieved.  You can call your dealer at any time for jargon free, no obligation advice. There are no fees whatsoever for this service.

What First Rate FX can’t and won’t do, is to speculate with clients’ money, and nor will they encourage you to do so.  Quite the reverse.  The company’s aim is simply to help you minimise the risk you face from exposure to the foreign currency markets.

Whether you are moving a large amount for a one-time purchase, or you need to send money abroad regularly (pension transfer, or school fees, or maybe a mortgage), we can help you.   Does your business trade across currency boundaries?  You need First Rate FX.

During the current turbulence and uncertainty in the world’s financial markets, it makes sense to save money wherever you can.  With First Rate FX, move your money swiftly and securely, at the best rates and with no fees to pay - guaranteed!

"We had a strict budget to buy and restore our French house.  We saved nearly £4,000 than if we had used our bank, and having fixed our rate, we knew that the rate wasn’t then going to affect our plans”.
Roger and Sue Tomlinson, Nottingham and France

Judy first joined The Riviera Woman after reading the article inThis French Life.
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